Orli  - The ultimate luxurious body candle
We want to say thanks to everyone who emailed in your testimonials/reviews or who have provided us with general feedback!  Here are just a sample of what you all had to say about our massage candles and/or level of service provided….. 

"Just want to say thank you to, Mary, Lynn, Cassie and the whole team at orli! They made our wholesale order process so easy even though we are on the other side of the world, and our massage candles are fantastic ! Thank you all again for all your help, I would recommend Orli to everyone!" 
Des'ree Schevenhoven, Australia

"I am very careful about my hair, so when I was going to try the hot oil, I was a little unsure about how it would work, and a little nervous that it would feel like candle wax. Luckily it didn’t feel like candle wax at all. Since I have very long and thick hair, I had to leave the candle burning for quite a while and spend a little time longer than normal when oiling my hair. But when it was done, I could feel instantly that it was worth the effort.  With my normal hair treatments they are not visible the day after but with your oil it is. It feels like body lotion for the hair - a delicious feeling!  After the treatment, my hair was very easy to style, easier than usual. It has been beneficial to my hair after just one treatment – that’s for sure! Whatever the purpose - if you want your scalp and hair roots nourished and your hair to shine I would really recommend Orli hair oil.  It's a big plus that the oil is hot, when you use it, as the oil feels like an actual treatment and not 'only' as any other oil on the market. For me personally, it's the best product for dry hair and skin that I have ever tried.  The scent is also a plus. It smells so good when lit and smells just as beautiful when you have applied it. If you have dry skin, I would recommend Orli Candles because they not only give a good result over time, but also because they provide a comfortable treatment for the body, soul and mind! If you want to treat yourself or others, then Orli would be the perfect choice".
Orli Hair Oil recommendation from Jórunn Gudmundsen, Danish Hair icon 2012 (sponsored by Swartzkopf)
Product...wow, service...wow, happy...YES! The most beautifully packaged, Scrumptious smelling massage oil which feels great on your skin!  Can't wait to start using them personally and professionally!!:):) Thanks and looking forward to a great smelling business relationship!!
Having recently received our first order from Orli candles, we have to pass on our thanks to them. Our order was for our own label and we have to say that their courteous and professional attitude to us has been impeccable and we shall look forward to continuing business with them.We can highly recommend Orli to any future buyer and will be more than pleased to offer assurances to them. 
Thank you from www.vanilla-moon.co.uk
Our candles "look fantastic, a brill job by you and the designer. Very impressed with the service and skills". 
“The level of service at Orli Massage Candles is fantastic. Thank you!”
Emma, Birmingham

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Orli Massage Candles was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Kaz, Motherwell
"Thank you for your beautiful massage candle, what a luxury!"
Joyce, London
"Wow what an amazing candle, it’s smells wonderful"
Angela, Glasgow
"Your candles are simply delicious!  Not sure which one to buy next – I want to try them all!!!"
Liv, Aberdeen
"We both just wanted to say that we just love your candles and they made a very unique wedding favour for our family and friends on our wedding day.. our guests were intrigued and delighted".
Melissa & Jack, Cornwall
"Wow, what an innovation..love the smell and texture it’s so sensual and moisturising!  A real pamper treat! Will definitely be buying more of these as gifts".
Annie, Edinburgh
"I received one of your candles for my Xmas….what an amazing invention and a lovely surprise! amazing fragrance! Thank you!"
Yazz, Melrose 

"I adore your massage candles….I’ve taken them with me to our romantic weekends away and use as a massage oil which makes our weekends that extra bit special…. thank you for an amazing product, will always recommend to friends and family".
Heather, Musselburgh
"Just to let you know that I absolutely love your candles.  I have really dry skin and they have worked wonders especially on my dry hands, and not only do they smell divine but seem to last forever. A little goes a long way..love it!"
Polly, Kilmarnock
"Just sending you a quick email to say thank you so very much for delivering the massage candle to my fiancé on her birthday…she was amazed to find out she can use it on her skin and as a massage oil, thank you, beautiful packaging and great product".
Max, Liverpool
"I simply love your honey candle; I burn it during my meditation group. I get all my class to use as a hand lotion before they leave.  When this one is finished I will definitely be trying out more of your essential oil range".
Mia, Yoga Instructor
"My partner loved the candle and was a bit shocked when I used it as a massage oil..very nice and warm…"
Marcus, Stirling