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Private Label Massage Candles
If you want to stand out from the competition and cement your brand identity into the minds of your clients then consider offering a private label line of products like our wholesale Massage Candles. Many spas and retailers, are reaping the rewards of retailing branded lines sporting their names and now you can join them with your own range of private label massage candles.  We can also provide you with unlabelled massage candles if you wish to use your own labels.  Alternatively, we can work with you to design and provide labels for you or your company.
Why Private Label Massage Candles?
Private label massage candles are the perfect way to advertise your business not only to your customers but also to their family and friends when they visit their homes.  A private label massage candle will help promote your company and will be a unique talking point - it's like having your business card permanently on display in your customer's home! 
If you are a Spa, Beauty Salon or Massage Therapist, why not offer your clients a luxurious body candle massage using your own private label massage candle.  Give the remaining candle to your client to take home with them to use later on.  Your private label massage candle will envoke good thoughts of the wonderful massage they received which, due to the luxurious ingredients, also worked wonders on their skin.  This small gesture should help inspire client loyalty and will also provide a unique talking point with their family, friends and colleagues - this in turn, will help promote your business! 
Private label massage candles also make the perfect indulgent gift.
Your Private Label Massage Candle Requirements
We offer various options for our private label massage candles and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.  We can design a bespoke service tailored to your requirements.  For example, we will happily work with you to achieve different containers such as glass and packaging, bespoke blended fragrances and can also assist with label design, logo design, promotional leaflets/brochures and point of sale displays etc if required.  Alternatively, we can provide our wholesale massage candles unlabelled, giving you the option to do this yourself.  The list is endless!  If you are interested in our private label massage candles then please feel free to contact us  and let us know and we will get back to you shortly! 

Visit our Contract Manufacturing Website for further information including packaging, unbranded, private label and cosmetic base options by clicking here.

What our customers have to say:-

We ordered some samples of Orli candles to 'try out', we were very happy
with the product so decided to go ahead and stock them as an 'own label,
just to see how they would go at first. We are delighted to say that any
concerns we may have had with regard to quality of print production and
speed of delivery were completely unnecessary as not only has the service
been excellent, so are the products! We are absolutely delighted with our
'own label' products and they have been exceptionally popular with our
customers, in fact we have already had our third order from Orli in the
Having recently received our first order from Orli candles, we have to pass on our thanks to them. Our order was for our own label and we have to say that their courteous and professional attitude to us has been impeccable and we shall look forward to continuing business with them.We can highly recommend Orli to any future buyer and will be more than pleased to offer assurances to them. 
Thank you from Vanilla Moon
Our candles "look fantastic, a brill job by you and the designer. Very impressed with the service and skills". 
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