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Orli Massage Candle - FAQ
Q:   What makes the Orli Massage Candle different from some of the other “body candles” or “massage candles” on the market? 
 We believe there are two key factors that make Orli Massage Candles distinctly different from others. First, unlike some of the other “body” or “massage” candles on the market, we do not use traditional soy wax in Orli Massage Candles.  We do, however, use a high quality, cosmetic grade soy derived from soybean oil. While this is still technically considered "soy wax," it is not of the same texture and composition as soy wax commonly used in room candles. 
Traditional soy wax does not have the skin nourishing and moisturizing qualities one desires in a bath and body product which is why we only use cosmetic-grade soy.  We also add a luxurious blend of other skin nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E to our candles. These time-tested ingredients are all well documented for their beneficial skin care properties. We take great pride in using only the finest skin care ingredients that are of cosmetic grade quality.
Q:   Why do you package the Orli Massage Candle in a tin? 
We chose to package the Orli Massage Candle in sleek and elegant tins for several reasons. First, market research found that the tin was preferred by customers because it is convenient and easy to use.  Tins provide an easy-to-use size and shape to dip your fingers into for mess free application and our new sleek and sexy tall rectangular tins are easier to pour.  It's also simple to pack into a suitcase or slip into a purse or gym bag.  Tins are less expensive than jars and that helps us keep our price point as affordable as it is. Finally, tins weigh less than jars and keep shipping costs lower as a result.
Q:   Is it really safe to use the melted lotion directly on my skin right after blowing out the flame? 
It sure is! The most important safety element is that you blow out the flame and never put your fingers in the warm lotion while the candle is still burning. Once the flame is extinguished, the liquid lotion will not be hot like the melted wax of a traditional candle. Orli Massage Candles are made of a proprietary blend that is designed to burn at only 102 degrees.  At just the temperature of a warm bath, the melted lotion is warm, soothing, and can be directly massaged into the skin.  Once applied, the lotion will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and lightly scented.  (Do note that you should NEVER use other candles in the same manner!)

Q:  Can I use my Orli Massage Candle to fragrance the room?
We don’t recommend using your Orli Massage Candle for this purpose.  While the Orli Massage Candle does contain either fragrance or essential oil, we use only skin-safe amounts, which are typically not enough to fragrance a large room successfully. Because Orli Massage Candles are meant to be used on the skin, they are considered a "cosmetic" product and as such, are governed by legal safety requirements. This includes how much fragrance can be used to keep the product body-safe.  While the amount we use is sufficient to fragrance your skin and create a pleasing aroma in the air directly around it, it is not enough to scent a large room effectively.  Also, candles made for use on the skin do have a higher cost per ounce than a traditional “room” candle due to the specific body ingredients, and therefore, we would hate for you to use up your candle for home fragrancing purposes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Candles promoted as being highly fragrant should NOT be used on your body. More than likely, if a candle can scent your entire room effectively, it contains far more than the legally approved safety limits amounts of fragrance for bath and body products and could be very unsafe for use on your skin! 
Q:   Is there anyone who should not use the Orli Massage Candle?
Due to the use of nut-based ingredients, do not use the Orli Massage Candle if you are allergic to nuts or nut-based products.  If you have a known allergy to fragrance commonly used in bath and body products, we encourage you to test our product on a small area of skin before using on large areas of your body. And as always, keep children away from candles to prevent accidents or misuse.
Q:   Is there a difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?
There most definitely is! Contrary to what many think, these two terms cannot be used interchangeably. Fragrance oils and essential oils are two very different things, each derived in different ways and providing certain types of scents. This is why we offer both fragrance oil and essential oil options within our Orli Massage Candle line.  
Essential oil by definition is a volatile, rapidly evaporating oil obtained from the leaves, stem, flower, seed or root of a plant, usually carrying the odor characteristic of the plant itself.  In other words, essential oils are all-natural as they are derived directly from Mother Nature.
Fragrance oil is synthetically produced in laboratories to imitate common fragrances. Most candles and bath and body products use fragrance oil in their products.  Most food scents, floral scents, and commercially produced perfume and cologne scents, to name just a few, are scents created by man. This does not make them "bad" in any way; however, it's important that you know that they are not 100% natural scents and never should be marketed as such.
In the case of our Orli Massage Candles, all ingredients except the synthetic fragrance oils are 100% natural. For those who prefer a 100% natural candle including the scent, our Orli Massage Candles scented with essential oils are indeed 100% natural in every aspect.
If synthetic v. natural is a concern to you, always be sure that you are purchasing from companies that TRULY use essential oils as advertised, and are not just using fragrance oils inaccurately described as essential oils.  There is a growing percentage of the population that is interested in only purchasing pure, all-natural products, and in this instance, our essential oil scented Orli Massage Candles would be perfect option.
Q:   Are Orli Massage Candles safe for my skin and the environment? 
We go to great lengths to manufacture an all-natural* product (*with the exception of the fragrance oil used in our fragrance oil scented candles) that is not only safe for the body, but also safe for the environment. 
For example, our candles: 
  • - contain no parabens, SLS or additives such as dye, stearic acid, or UV inhibitor
  • - use a cotton core wick that contains no lead or zinc  
  • - adhere to all legal safety guidelines for bath and body product safety
Q:   What is the average burn time for a Orli Massage Candle?
When burned from start to finish, the 226g Orli Massage Candle will burn for about 30-40 hours. However, this product is not made to burn from start to finish.  It is very difficult to estimate exactly how many uses you will get from the candle due to the variation in applications (i.e. hands, feet, full body massage, etc.), but we can assure you that a little bit does go a long way, and you will get an amazing value out of your candle.  As an approximate guide a 226g massage candle will give 10-12 full body massages and a 108g between 4-6.
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